Virtual bunker during a

Cyber Attack. Ransomware Attack. Malware Attack. Natural Disaster.

ShadowHQ improves your response to any incident by accessing communications, key people and crisis response information.


Virtual Bunker during a

Cyber Attack. Ransomware Attack. Malware Attack. Natural Disaster.

ShadowHQ helps you recover quickly from a major incident by ensuring your team has secure access to:

Communicate & Collaborate

Decrease confusion, respond faster, and enable decisions with messaging, video, voice, and war rooms.

Emergency Documents

Ensure critical documents, procedures, press releases, and customer documents are readily accessible in one location.

Real-time Updates

Have complete oversight and situational awareness with access to real-time response updates.

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Join ShadowHQ’s Nick Scozzaro at the SecTor 2023 Conference in Toronto, Ontario from October 23rd-26th. Say hello when you’re there!

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Listen to Nick Scozzaro discuss ShadowHQ’s virtual bunker on the podcast A Detached Approach to Cyber Crisis Management.

See ShadowHQ in action

Schedule a quick demo of ShadowHQ and we’ll show you how your team will stay in control during a cyber attack.

Coordinate & communicate within a secure "virtual bunker".

ShadowHQ is a fortified command center where organizations can plan, validate and action coordinated responses to cybersecurity incidents.

Access critical files when you need them most.

Ensure your crisis response teams and key personnel have access to the procedures, workflows, and information they need to effectively mitigate a breach.

Audit your response to improve processes and compliance.

ShadowHQ seamlessly logs all the activities your team takes while actively responding to an incident, which makes compliance audits and strategic improvements a breeze.

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