Frequently asked questions

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Is ShadowHQ a monthly subscription?

The platform is available monthly, with the option to pay annually.

How many users can I add to my account?

ShadowHQ is designed to support business continuity, response and crisis management teams.
You can start with as many users as needed today, and scale to add an unlimited number of users
over time and as your needs grow.

Does ShadowHQ offer real-time event alerting?

Yes! The platform offers simultaneous multi-channel alerts including SMS, email and push notifications, so you’ll be able to reach response team members whenever and however needed.

How long does it take to set-up and configure the platform?

ShadowHQ onboarding, deployment and installation is quick. In just a few minutes you can access the desktop platform and install the mobile app. Platform configuration is simple — import the planning documents and tools you already have and easily create new ones.

Does ShadowHQ come with templates or does the platform fully customize to match my team's needs?

The platform is easy to navigate and configure, regardless of your use case. Stay tuned for new and expanded template
features in early 2024.

Is ShadowHQ mobile friendly?

Yes! The platform has desktop and mobile feature parity (and Apple iPad friendly), so you and your team can manage an incident completely mobile if needed.

How do I generate a report post-event?

You can generate a report on any incident at the click of a button — simply click the download button from the incident briefing screen and your report will be generated in PDF.

Can I use ShadowHQ for compliance reporting purposes?

Absolutely! ShadowHQ’s reporting function helps with audits and incident reporting. For example, public companies are required to report to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) within 72 hours of a security incident. ShadowHQ can help you quickly access, generate and submit the information
regulators need for your filing.

How can I use ShadowHQ to set up a tabletop exercise?

One of ShadowHQs primary use cases is ensuring maximum readiness through tabletop exercises. Easily pre-load tabletop exercises or create a new one based on a resolved event. ShadowHQs tabletop exercise feature helps you track all event details and steps, and pull in the right team members to run
drills and navigate response.

Is ShadowHQ out-of-band?

Yes! By design, ShadowHQ is completely detached as an out-of-band solution so you’ll have confidence that communications and response efforts are secured. This is particularly important when navigating a cyber incident — ShadowHQ keeps your response plans and communications secure and protected from cyber-attackers who could be active in your system and able to compromise event remediation.

Does ShadowHQ have any security certifications?

We take security seriously and are navigating a number of certifications; SOC 2 certification is underway.

Is ShadowHQ designed for event response only?

You can use the platform for more than just event response. Proactively, teams can use ShadowHQ to organize and store planning documents like playbooks, contact lists and vendor information. With tabletop capabilities your team can institute training exercises and drills for maximum event readiness.
Reactively, the platform offers a secure environment for threat and event investigations. On an ongoing basis teams can use the platform to ensure alignment to industry best practices and data retention management for insurance and compliance purposes.

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