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You’ve been hacked – NOW WHAT? Your cybersecurity systems alert you to a potential breach that is likely to compromise your employees and the core systems you rely on. Learn how ShadowHQ supports your response teams.


Log on to the ShadowHQ mobile app or desktop portal to activate and mobilize your response team.


Access a secure communications channel, business continuity and cyber response plans, and real-time updates.


Contain the event by executing your mitigation strategy, all through your own secure and isolated command center.


Resolve the event in ShadowHQ and retain it for post-mortem reporting and future table top exercises.

Everything you need to plan and recover fast

Support business continuity planning, risk management, remediation, and compliance with a secure out-of-band platform that boosts visibility, control, and collaboration.

Incident preparedness

Create and learn your plan ahead of time. Don’t leave crisis planning until it’s too late. ShadowHQ gives you one place to plan and collaborate during any crisis while supporting ongoing requirements for compliance, employee training, and risk management.

  • Save critical files in a secure, centralized location that can be quickly accessed even if your servers go down.
  • Ensure employees know what to do, who’s doing it, and how to prioritize with tabletop exercises and training.
  • Stay proactive and accelerate any response by creating predefined user lists for both internal and external users.
  • Demonstrate compliance and cyber readiness by creating a safe environment to store recovery-dependent files, provide training, and more.

Incident response and team coordination

Gain full visibility and control over any crisis. Ensure an organized and controlled response with enhanced visibility into all aspects of your response. ShadowHQ streamlines incident debriefs, individual task management, and lets you see who’s actively contributing to remediation.

  • Streamline project management by creating, labeling, assigning, and managing individual tasks directly within ShadowHQ.
  • See which users are actively engaged and part of your response team with built-in presence detection.
  • Quickly bring individual teams, stakeholders, or third-parties up to speed with detailed incident debriefs and updates.
  • Create dedicated war rooms to improve visibility and better delegate and prioritize specific aspects of a response.

Ultra secure encrypted messaging for your entire team

Stay collaborative when the stakes are high. A coordinated response starts with having a secure platform to enable communications even if your systems are down. ShadowHQ becomes your virtual bunker to connect, coordinate, and carry out your response.

  • Make communication easy with built-in voice and video calling, direct messages, and breakout rooms.
  • Create focused war rooms to support team-specific collaboration, task visibility, and prioritization.
  • Quickly provide highly visible incident updates to members of the response team and leadership.
  • Determine which members of the response team are internal employees and external vendors.

Support compliance reporting

Make it easy to support, track, and demonstrate business continuity planning and incident response compliance. ShadowHQ gives your company a secure out-of-band platform to plan, store critical files, train employees, and boost cyber readiness.

  • Simplify compliance with access to a full audit trail that includes message logs, incident reports, and more.
  • Highlight all aspects of a response with incident debriefs, updates, and detailed reports to share post-response.
  • Support data retention requirements like chain of custody with out-of-band file storage and time stamps.
  • Pass any compliance or insurance provider audit by providing your teams with hands-on training.


Experience the ShadowHQ platform

Walk through a cyber breach scenario in a 15 minute demo.


Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts.

Be ready to navigate any crisis or audit

Support business continuity planning

Create, store, and update critical business continuity and crisis management files in a secure location that’s accessible to both planning and remediation teams.

Train your teams in real-world scenarios

Prepare your teams to effectively respond to any crisis using tabletop exercises that simulate data breaches, IT incidents, natural disasters, and other crises.

Eliminate the fog of war in a crisis

Get everyone up to speed and ready to respond during a crisis by ensuring the lines of communication never go down.


Incident Preparedness Planning & Solutions Guide

Don’t just react to a disaster scenario — anticipate it

Incident preparedness directly impacts overall organizational risk — and risk management. Like all other areas of the business, teams need a modern, secure and integrated approach to event response and remediation.

Explore how ShadowHQ can help

Incident Preparedness

Incident preparedness

Create an incident response plan that inspires confidence

Give your teams the confidence they need to perform when the stakes are high. Know exactly who does what, what steps they have to take, and what to prioritize when every second counts. 

ShadowHQ puts your teams in full control during any crisis by arming them with a safe and secure environment they need to carry out the plan.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Manage your company's risk with business continuity planning

Prepare your company and keep operations online through any disaster scenario with a business continuity plan that keeps key stakeholders engaged and ready to respond.

ShadowHQ’s secure, out-of-band platform makes business continuity planning easy by centralizing all aspects of planning, responding, and training your teams.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Maintain control during high stakes crises

Create, train, and support a crisis management team that’s capable of getting your company back to business as usual as quickly as possible. 

ShadowHQ makes it easy for you to arm your crisis management teams with a platform that simplifies crisis collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, sending updates to leadership, and unifies remediation efforts between technical and business teams.



Keep cybersecurity compliance requirements in check

Stay ahead of your constantly evolving data protection and data privacy compliance requirements by bringing planning and remediation efforts together into one secure, out-of-band platform.

ShadowHQ enables stronger compliance with powerful features designed to protect your organization from potential audits. Our platform includes detailed reports, audit logs for messages and tasks, timestamps, and more.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Meet all the requirements for your cyber insurance policy

Ensure your organization checks all the boxes cyber insurance providers require to secure or retain a cyber insurance policy. 

ShadowHQ enables better risk management by providing organizations with comprehensive auditing capabilities to simplify the claims process, and demonstrate effective cyber readiness and business continuity planning.


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Plan and respond to any crisis with confidence

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