Technology Comparison

How ShadowHQ compares to Business Continuity, Incident Response & Emergency Response Solutions

Do these initiatives effectively support your business’s risk management strategy?

Technology Comparison

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The challenge

Traditional business continuity planning, crisis management and incident response are usually siloed within an organization as they tend to support different business functions and priorities. Yet all are crucial risk management considerations.

It’s a given that modernizing business continuity planning, incident response and crisis management requires digital platforms. Each solution is vital to your business’s ability to prepare for, respond to and manage disaster scenarios. But not all solutions work together or deliver the capabilities you need.

Every new SaaS platform you add to your tech stack contributes to the dreaded ‘tech bloat’ — the condition of having and paying for more services than you can manage, or need. This table maps common solutions and key capabilities, and how ShadowHQ stacks up against them.

Popular Tools & SaaS Platforms

CapabilityShadowHQCyber Incident Management / Response PlatformsDigital Forensics PlatformsBusiness Continuity Planning PlatformsCrisis & Emergency Management Platforms
Incident investigation
Full Out-of-band capabilities
Full Out-of-band communications
Quad-Channel Alerts and Notifications
Fully mobile
Secure and centralized document and plan storage
Secure communications channels
Secure virtual meeting spaces - “war rooms”
Full Tabletop Exercises support
Team availability Status
User access control
Event/incident management
Incident task delegation
Prescribed actions
Leadership and stakeholder real-time reporting
Incident logging
Incident debriefs
Compliance audit reporting and support
North American IP and Data Residence
Turnkey deployment
Value for Money and Total Investment Required$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Gain confidence in incident preparedness and response with industry-leading process integration

Business, IT and cyber resilience takes coordinated, cross-team collaboration, real-time communication and effective response. By fusing business continuity, incident response and crisis management processes, your team can quickly and effectively respond to and mitigate any business impacting event, while reducing the risk of an uncoordinated response and system downtime.

INITIATIVEBusiness Continuity Planning & Incident PreparednessIncident ResponseCrisis ManagementStakeholder Reporting, Compliance and Insurance
PROCESSStep 1: PrepareStep 2: ActivateStep 3: ExecuteStep 4: Audit & Improve
OUTCOMESupport risk management initiatives — stay proactive and ensure your business has a plan when things go wrong.Quickly engage and bring your internal and external teams up to speed during a crisis.Ensure real-time collaboration — respond to and contain the event by executing your mitigation strategy.Maintain an event log for event post-mortem and future table top exercises.


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We get that juggling resourcing and budget restrictions is challenging. Every business deserves access to revolutionary cyber response and incident management capabilities, which is why ShadowHQ is available for a fraction of the price of enterprise solutions.

USD user/month
USD user/month
Minimum Users
Incident Management
Investigation Management
Tabletop Exercises
Task Management
Multi-channel Alerts/Notifications
Automated Call Trees
Real-time Incident Reporting
Compliance Reporting
Playbook Manager
Video/Voice Conferencing
Secure Messaging
War Rooms
Secure File Storage
5 GB
10 GB
Automated Playbooks
Virtual Training Sessions
PSTN Dial In
Mass Notifications
Additional Playbooks
API Integration
Data Retention Management
Audit/Evidence Export
3rd Party Incident System Integration
3rd Party Alert System Integration
Dedicated Environment

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