Crisis Response & Management

Navigate any crisis with confidence

Get back to business as usual with a crisis management platform that gives your teams a faster path to remediation.

Who’s managing your crisis response?

Your organization’s ability to navigate a cyber crisis goes far beyond mitigating and responding to technical risks. Effective crisis management means having an in-house team that deeply understands the relationship between business and technical risk so you can create an action plan that’s capable of navigating the complexities of a crisis, including:

Meeting key

How will you keep stakeholders, the board of directors, legal entities, regulatory bodies, and insurers in the loop during a crisis?

Going beyond simple
public relations

Is your crisis management team hyper focused on public relations? An effective response must prioritize the business, its people, and its processes.

Restoring critical business functions

How quickly can your crisis management team restore critical business functionality? And does your team have a deep understanding of the business?

Bring crisis management & incident response together

Ensure your crisis management and incident response teams are aligned towards the same goals: restoring the business and its critical systems. ShadowHQ gives your organization a single solution for accessing the business continuity plan, engaging your crisis management team, and organizing your remediation efforts.

  • Gain more ownership over the crisis management process with enhanced visibility and control over your response.
  • Improve communications with all stakeholders by sharing the most up to date information about a crisis as it evolves.
  • Bridge the gap between operations, IT, and other departments by ensuring everyone is following the same plan.
  • Simplify incident response, crisis management, business continuity planning, and compliance with one powerful platform.


Experience the ShadowHQ platform

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Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts.

Go from crisis to calm and in control

Stay in control during any crisis with centralized access to your business continuity plan and the tools needed to carry it out with confidence.

Improve risk management

Go beyond simple planning. Show your stakeholders you have a viable risk management plan in place and the right people, processes, and solution to carry it out.

Take ownership of any crisis

Ensure roles are defined well before a crisis occurs. With ShadowHQ, your crisis management teams can take ownership when executing a business continuity plan.

Communicate with stakeholders

Keep leadership in the loop and improve the decision making process by sharing updates, reports, and key insights with stakeholders, customers, and the public.

Collaborate in any crisis

Arm your teams with everything they need to communicate during a crisis, including built-in chat, war rooms, task management, employee status, and more.


Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts. Download the Disaster Readiness Checklist for practical business continuity and incident preparedness tips and an interactive checklist to help you prepare, activate, execute and audit any crisis situation your organization may face.

Incident Preparedness

Incident preparedness

Create an incident response plan that inspires confidence

Give your teams the confidence they need to perform when the stakes are high. Know exactly who does what, what steps they have to take, and what to prioritize when every second counts. 

ShadowHQ puts your teams in full control during any crisis by arming them with a safe and secure environment they need to carry out the plan.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Manage your company's risk with business continuity planning

Prepare your company and keep operations online through any disaster scenario with a business continuity plan that keeps key stakeholders engaged and ready to respond.

ShadowHQ’s secure, out-of-band platform makes business continuity planning easy by centralizing all aspects of planning, responding, and training your teams.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Maintain control during high stakes crises

Create, train, and support a crisis management team that’s capable of getting your company back to business as usual as quickly as possible. 

ShadowHQ makes it easy for you to arm your crisis management teams with a platform that simplifies crisis collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, sending updates to leadership, and unifies remediation efforts between technical and business teams.



Keep cybersecurity compliance requirements in check

Stay ahead of your constantly evolving data protection and data privacy compliance requirements by bringing planning and remediation efforts together into one secure, out-of-band platform.

ShadowHQ enables stronger compliance with powerful features designed to protect your organization from potential audits. Our platform includes detailed reports, audit logs for messages and tasks, timestamps, and more.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Meet all the requirements for your cyber insurance policy

Ensure your organization checks all the boxes cyber insurance providers require to secure or retain a cyber insurance policy. 

ShadowHQ enables better risk management by providing organizations with comprehensive auditing capabilities to simplify the claims process, and demonstrate effective cyber readiness and business continuity planning.

Frequently asked questions

How many users can I add to my account?

ShadowHQ is designed to support business continuity, response and crisis management teams. You can start with as many users as needed today, and scale to add an unlimited number of users over time and as your needs grow.

Does ShadowHQ offer real-time event alerting?

Yes! The platform offers multi-channel alerts including SMS, email and push notifications simultaneously, so you’ll be able to reach response team members whenever and however needed.

How can I use ShadowHQ to set up a tabletop exercise?

One of ShadowHQs primary use cases is ensuring maximum readiness through tabletop exercises.

Easily pre-load tabletop exercises or create a new one based on a resolved event. ShadowHQs tabletop exercise feature helps you track all event details and steps, and pull in the right team members to run drills and navigate response.


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