Incident Preparedness

Create an incident response plan that’s ready for action

Plan, prepare, and arm your teams with everything they need to execute an incident response plan and restore your systems.

Can your incident response plan mitigate a cyber crisis?

Rising risks and sophisticated cyber threats require the right people, processes, technology, and plan in place to mobilize a rapid and strategic response to combat the biggest challenges your organization faces.

Fighting unknown
cyber threats

How can you ensure incident preparedness when you’re constantly facing unknown threats online that can cripple your organization?


It’s 2AM and you’ve been hacked. What does your response look like, who’s doing what, and how long will it take to restore service?

Risk of prolonged
system downtime

Every second of downtime can cause significant financial and reputational damage. How quickly can you mitigate a breach impact?

Eliminate the confusion when every second counts

Create an incident preparedness and response plan that enables visibility, collaboration, and prioritization during a crisis. ShadowHQ streamlines all aspects of incident preparedness for cyber threats, natural disasters, and other common crises by bringing your planning and response teams into a single, secure out-of-band platform.

  • Create an effective incident response plan without the need to replace everything. ShadowHQ supports and enhances your existing incident response initiatives.
  • Maintain visibility and communication during any crises with built-in chat, war rooms, task management, employee status indicators, and more.
  • Improve planning and execution by bringing both the business and technical sides of a response together to achieve one coordinated outcome.
  • Always be ready for what’s next with an out-of-band platform that takes just seconds to initiate your plan, loop in the right people, and take action.


Experience the ShadowHQ platform

Walk through a cyber breach scenario in a 15 minute demo.


Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts.

Everything you need to take swift action during a crisis

Plan, practice, and carry out a coordinated response with access to the features your teams need to stay effective during a crisis.

Seamless team collaboration

Keep the lines of communication open in a crisis with incident briefs, built-in chats, war rooms, file storage, and the ability to invite third-parties to the response.

Crisis project management

Stay organized during a response with full control over your workflows. Create tasks, assign labels, provide updates, and ensure the right people are looped in.

Out-of-band solution

ShadowHQ remains isolated from your main systems, ensuring it stays undetected and is accessible so your ability to respond is never more than a few clicks away.

Practice real-world scenarios

Prepare your teams for a real crisis. ShadowHQ supports table top exercises, providing your teams with the necessary training and exposure needed to respond effectively.


Incident Preparedness Planning & Solutions Guide

Don’t just react to a disaster scenario — anticipate it

Incident preparedness directly impacts overall organizational risk — and risk management. Like all other areas of the business, teams need a modern, secure and integrated approach to event response and remediation.

Incident Preparedness

Incident preparedness

Create an incident response plan that inspires confidence

Give your teams the confidence they need to perform when the stakes are high. Know exactly who does what, what steps they have to take, and what to prioritize when every second counts. 

ShadowHQ puts your teams in full control during any crisis by arming them with a safe and secure environment they need to carry out the plan.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Manage your company's risk with business continuity planning

Prepare your company and keep operations online through any disaster scenario with a business continuity plan that keeps key stakeholders engaged and ready to respond.

ShadowHQ’s secure, out-of-band platform makes business continuity planning easy by centralizing all aspects of planning, responding, and training your teams.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Maintain control during high stakes crises

Create, train, and support a crisis management team that’s capable of getting your company back to business as usual as quickly as possible. 

ShadowHQ makes it easy for you to arm your crisis management teams with a platform that simplifies crisis collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, sending updates to leadership, and unifies remediation efforts between technical and business teams.



Keep cybersecurity compliance requirements in check

Stay ahead of your constantly evolving data protection and data privacy compliance requirements by bringing planning and remediation efforts together into one secure, out-of-band platform.

ShadowHQ enables stronger compliance with powerful features designed to protect your organization from potential audits. Our platform includes detailed reports, audit logs for messages and tasks, timestamps, and more.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Meet all the requirements for your cyber insurance policy

Ensure your organization checks all the boxes cyber insurance providers require to secure or retain a cyber insurance policy. 

ShadowHQ enables better risk management by providing organizations with comprehensive auditing capabilities to simplify the claims process, and demonstrate effective cyber readiness and business continuity planning.

Frequently asked questions

How can I use ShadowHQ to set up a tabletop exercise?

One of ShadowHQs primary use cases is ensuring maximum readiness through tabletop exercises.

Easily pre-load tabletop exercises or create a new one based on a resolved event. ShadowHQs tabletop exercise feature helps you track all event details and steps, and pull in the right team members to run drills and navigate response.

Is ShadowHQ out-of-band?

Yes! By design, ShadowHQ is completely detached as an out-of-band solution so you’ll have confidence that communications and response efforts are secured. This is particularly important when navigating a cyber incident — ShadowHQ keeps your response plans and communications secure and protected from cyber-attackers who could be active in your system and able to compromise event remediation.

Does ShadowHQ have any security certifications?

We take security seriously and are navigating a number of certifications; SOC 2 certification is underway.

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Keep your teams prepared and confident in a crisis

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