Align to your business's cybersecurity compliance requirements

Check off your compliance requirements with a secure out-of-band solution that supports business continuity planning, crisis management, and incident response.

Are you checking all the compliance boxes?

Maintaining compliance is no easy task with what seems like an endless list of boxes to check. Add to that strict data privacy regulations, the last-minute dash to achieve compliance before a looming deadline, strict industry standards and regulations, and the need to demonstrate compliance to stakeholders — and it’s clear why organizations are fighting an uphill battle.

Strict data privacy regulations

Do you have the right processes in place to support data privacy regulations? The boundaries for data privacy are complex and play a key role in your compliance initiatives and public perception of your company.

Last-minute dash for compliance

Is your company facing an audit or deadline to become compliant? Delaying compliance can lead to challenges in implementing the right systems and processes to support your program over the long-term.

Demonstrating compliance to stakeholders

Need a way to demonstrate compliance? Showing stakeholders and regulatory bodies you have a viable and up to date business continuity plan and the ability to carry it out isn’t just important — it’s essential.

Easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your compliance program

Ensure your business is compliant, protected, and ready to respond to any crisis. ShadowHQ helps you meet many of your compliance requirements for business continuity planning, disaster recovery, and incident preparedness and response by providing you with a secure out-of-band platform to store mission critical files, mobilize your response, and manage post-event reporting requirements.

  • Demonstrate compliance with detailed reports, audit logs for messages and tasks, timestamps for files, user management, and more.
  • Show leadership your compliance program is effective and capable of protecting the business during a crisis.
  • Create detailed reports that cover all aspects of a response, including involved parties, individual tasks, and other key insights.
  • Make it easy to secure and maintain a cyber insurance policy by showing business continuity planning and incident preparedness.
  • Mitigate regulatory penalties and meet data retention requirements with data log storage.


Experience the ShadowHQ platform

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Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts.

Everything your compliance program needs to pass an audit

ShadowHQ makes compliance easy with enhanced task logging, audit trails, and reporting capabilities.

Comprehensive audit trail

Create an effective compliance program that’s audit-ready with access to logs for messages, tasks, and other actions taken within ShadowHQ.

Support IR compliance

Meet incident response compliance requirements by creating processes that support both the proactive and reactive parts of incident response.

Show chain of custody

Stay compliant with specific requirements like chain of custody, annual business continuity plan updates, and other ongoing maintenance items.

Provide ongoing training

Ensure your teams are ready to respond during a crisis by engaging them in table top exercises that provide hands-on training for scenarios they may face.


Disaster Readiness Checklist

When an emergency happens, every minute counts. Download the Disaster Readiness Checklist for practical business continuity and incident preparedness tips and an interactive checklist to help you prepare, activate, execute and audit any crisis situation your organization may face.

Incident Preparedness

Incident preparedness

Create an incident response plan that inspires confidence

Give your teams the confidence they need to perform when the stakes are high. Know exactly who does what, what steps they have to take, and what to prioritize when every second counts. 

ShadowHQ puts your teams in full control during any crisis by arming them with a safe and secure environment they need to carry out the plan.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Manage your company's risk with business continuity planning

Prepare your company and keep operations online through any disaster scenario with a business continuity plan that keeps key stakeholders engaged and ready to respond.

ShadowHQ’s secure, out-of-band platform makes business continuity planning easy by centralizing all aspects of planning, responding, and training your teams.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Maintain control during high stakes crises

Create, train, and support a crisis management team that’s capable of getting your company back to business as usual as quickly as possible. 

ShadowHQ makes it easy for you to arm your crisis management teams with a platform that simplifies crisis collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, sending updates to leadership, and unifies remediation efforts between technical and business teams.



Keep cybersecurity compliance requirements in check

Stay ahead of your constantly evolving data protection and data privacy compliance requirements by bringing planning and remediation efforts together into one secure, out-of-band platform.

ShadowHQ enables stronger compliance with powerful features designed to protect your organization from potential audits. Our platform includes detailed reports, audit logs for messages and tasks, timestamps, and more.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Meet all the requirements for your cyber insurance policy

Ensure your organization checks all the boxes cyber insurance providers require to secure or retain a cyber insurance policy. 

ShadowHQ enables better risk management by providing organizations with comprehensive auditing capabilities to simplify the claims process, and demonstrate effective cyber readiness and business continuity planning.

Frequently asked questions

Does ShadowHQ come with built-in compliance frameworks or templates?

The platform is easy to navigate and configure, regardless of which data privacy or data protection requirements you’re aligning to. ShadowHQ helps you ensure alignment, especially when it comes to data retention management. The platform helps you determine who has access to data, how long you keep data for, and how and when to scrub data from your system. The platform allows you to retain event reports too, ensuring you maintain records based on regulatory requirements.

How do I generate a report post-event?

You can generate a report on any incident at the click of a button — simply click the download button from the incident briefing screen and your report will be generated in PDF. This is important when fulfilling post-event compliance and insurance requirements. Reports can highlight planning and response processes to demonstrate alignment to regulatory requirements.

How does ShadowHQ support compliance requirements?

Proactively, the platform helps you navigate incident preparedness and response requirements by demonstrating that your organization has planning documents like playbooks, policies and procedures prepared. Reactively, or post-event, the platform helps you generate reports with information you’ll need to navigate compliance requirements and/or future audits. For example, public companies are required to report to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) within 72 hours of a security incident. ShadowHQ can help you quickly access, generate and submit the information regulators need for your filing.


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