Delivering control through crisis

We help businesses take control, collaborate, and manage through crisis situations with secure out-of-band incident response and crisis management tools — because an organized response supports a faster recovery.

When a disaster happens, every second counts

Not so long ago, ShadowHQ co-founder Nick Scozzaro was in charge of his department’s disaster recovery binders. He was asked to keep one copy in his car and one in his home, so he could mobilize his department’s response, day or night. Many companies still rely on binders or USBs to store contact lists, phone numbers and critical response policies and procedures. But those tools are hard to keep track of, aren’t secure, and rely on systems like call trees that can slow down response and create confusion. 

It’s tough to imagine what an IT or business-impacting crisis will look like, until you’re in it. Hardware or software failures, human error, natural disasters and cyber-attacks can throw your business offline, block access to critical files and disable your communication channels, leaving you and your response team unprepared, uncoordinated, and in the dark.

In a disaster scenario every second counts — system outages and business downtime increase your risk of financial loss and reputational damage.

Who we are

ShadowHQ co-founders Nick Scozzaro and Jason Musyj are software engineers by trade, and experts in secure communications and encryption technologies. Over the years they’ve helped national and global brands including BlackBerry and Mobistream build and deploy trusted technology in ultra-secure environments.

Nick and Jason founded ShadowHQ to equip businesses like yours with secure response tools, and a safe haven to recover from emergencies. ShadowHQ offers an all-in-one platform that arms your business’s disaster and incident response teams with everything they need to respond to critical events quickly.

Communicate securely. Respond quickly. Maintain business continuity.


Ensure your team has access to key contact, documents and processes they need to activate and respond to any crisis events.


Get instant access to secure communications channels, business continuity and cyber response plans, and real-time status updates.


Mobilize your team’s event response with voice, video and group chats that help you share updates and prioritize tasks, all in real-time.

Audit & Improve

Access the activity logs and reporting dashboards you need to audit your team’s response and optimize future efforts.

CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Scozzaro

See it in action

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