Data Breach Response: What Your Team Should Do

Data breaches have become exceedingly common, and businesses cannot afford to assume that bad actors are not targeting them.  And the numbers don’t lie. An Identity Defined Security Alliance report revealed that 90% of organizations with over 1,000 employees experienced at least one identity-related security incident within 12 months.  What’s clear: it’s not a matter […]

Cyber Insurance Requirements: How to Demonstrate Incident Readiness

Cyber insurance exists to help you cover any losses from a data breach or other cyber incident. However, just like other types of insurance, your premiums will cost more if you consider a high-risk business. So, how can cyber insurers view you as a low-risk business instead? It’s not just about past incidents; insurers also […]

Incident Response 101: How to Run a Tabletop Exercise

Incident response plans prepare organizations for a wide range of possible scenarios that threaten the business. Creating these plans beforehand gives teams a playbook to look to when a threat becomes a reality. According to IBM, the cost of a data breach in 2023 was an average US$4.45 million — a 15% increase over three […]