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Discover how ShadowHQ can streamline how your company responds to data breaches and disasters.

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CapabilityShadowHQCyber Incident Management/Response PlatformsDigital Forensics PlatformsBusiness Continuity Planning PlatformsCrisis & Emergency Management Platforms
Value for Money and Total Investment Required$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Incident investigation
Full Out-of-band capabilities
Full Out-of-band communications
Quad-Channel Alerts and Notifications
Fully mobile
Secure and centralized document and plan storage
Secure communications channels
Secure virtual meeting spaces - “war rooms”
Full Tabletop Exercises support
Team availability Status
User access control
Event/incident management
Incident task delegation
Prescribed actions
Leadership and stakeholder real-time reporting
Incident logging
Incident debriefs
Compliance audit reporting and support
North American IP and Data Residence
Turnkey deployment