Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Best Practices

Keeping your business operational is exceedingly challenging in the face of evolving threats and global uncertainty. Planning is critical to remaining operational, keeping customers happy, and generating revenue. Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) focus on critical IT systems and overall business operations that will bring your business to a standstill if […]

The Incident Response Life Cycle: What You Need to Know

Modern organizations’ threats have never been more varied and potentially more damaging. Mitigating these threats is always the first line of defense, but what happens if an attacker makes it past your defenders? From a time and investment perspective — response planning is equally as critical as incident prevention. IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach […]

Compliance Best Practices: 5 Steps to Demonstrating Incident Response Readiness

Organizations across all industries must meet compliance standards while also facing the need to respond rapidly to any business-impacting incident.  Incident response readiness and compliance can complement each other, even strengthening each other in the process. But that won’t happen on its own—you need to craft strategic plans that align with evolving compliance requirements. Otherwise, […]

Introducing ShadowHQ: An Incident Response and Preparedness Platform

Watch the video below to learn all about ShadowHQ Keep your business secure with ShadowHQ! Imagine the nightmare scenario: it’s 2:00 a.m., and your business falls victim to a cyber breach. Systems are down, files are encrypted, and accounts compromised. But fear not! ShadowHQ is here to save the day. ShadowHQ is your go-to […]

10 Steps to Achieve Maximum Incident Response Readiness

  Incident response is essential for organizations aiming to minimize the impact of security incidents or other possible events that can jeopardize business continuity.  A well-prepared incident response plan ensures that an organization can swiftly and effectively address security breaches, protecting its information assets and maintaining business continuity.  Yet, one study found that 77% of […]

Embracing AI to Close Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Gaps

  Business continuity planning is a necessary practice so your company can keep generating revenue, communicating with customers, or providing services. Without a mature continuity program in place, a range of possible incidents can render your organization unable to operate. However, developing and operating a business continuity program is time-consuming and resource-intensive. As a result, […]

Crisis Management vs Cyber Crisis Management: What’s the Difference?

  Crisis management is an overarching field focusing on preventing and responding to a wide range of crises. However, cyber crisis management is often a major focus when it comes to crisis management — which is often detrimental to organizations’ preparedness and response. A recent study found that crisis-level cyberattacks account for only 28% of […]

Building a Business Case for Incident Preparedness Platforms and Processes

  Resolving incidents quickly is critical for any organization, but it can take way too much time without the right incident preparedness program in place.  Organizations need the right platforms, people, and processes to rapidly recover from incidents, minimize damage, and return to normal operations. Yet, building a business case for investing in incident preparedness […]

5 Reasons Why Incident Preparedness is the Key to Resiliency Planning

  Resiliency planning is vital for organizations to manage threats like cyberattacks, natural disasters, and disruptions. Incident preparedness aims to make sure businesses can withstand, respond to, and recover from incidents with minimal impact to operations. Every incident has a cost due to system downtime, outages, reputational damage, or legal fees. IBM’s recent report found […]

It’s 2AM – Do You Know Where Your Incident Response Playbooks Are?

  The news used to give nightly reminders like, “It’s 10 PM; do you know where your children are?” to remind viewers to check on them.  Now, we can apply this general idea to enterprises to be aware of the location and relevance of incident response playbooks. Just like knowing what your children are doing […]